Stem Cell Hair Transplant


Get superior hair yield and a fuller, denser look with a Stem Cell Hair Transplant — a technique that uses the cells present in your own body tissues to stimulate natural hair growth with minimal side effects

Affecting millions of men and women worldwide, hair loss is a dermatological issue that not only influences the way we look, but also how we feel. As a result, many of us turn to surgical hair loss treatments that produce variable results along with a significant degree of pain and discomfort. At IK Clinics, we provide you a pain-free, natural solution to stimulate hair growth and restore your youthful, appealing look with a technique that has revolutionised the hair transplant industry — stem cell hair transplants.


What is Stem Cell Hair Transplant?

Used for advanced hair loss, stem cell hair transplant is a recent technology that makes use of the patient’s own stem cells. Stem cells are a unique type of cells present in the body that have the capability to differentiate into many different types of cells to grow a tissue. They can be rightly called the ‘mother cells’ as they have the potential to divide and produce any type of cell in the body.

A stem cell hair transplant makes use of the growing potential of stem cells to stimulate hair growth. During the process, stem cells are harvested into hair follicles using microinjections. These cells divide to produce new cells at the recipient site and regrow the hair strand.

What to Expect?

Stem cell hair transplant is an ambulatory hair transplant method that causes minimal pain and allows quick recovery. The process starts with extraction of stem cells from your body’s fat tissues. This requires suction of fat from hip or abdomen area using a water-assisted suction device. This takes almost an hour and produces a small puncture that does not require any stitches and can heal naturally. The fat thus obtained is treated to remove stem cells which are then implanted into the damaged hair follicles using microinjections to stimulate hair growth. Since stem cell hair transplant is a minimally invasive procedure, you will be allowed to return to your home the very day.

Why Choose Stem Cell Hair Transplant Over Other Techniques?

With an exceptional healing and rejuvenating potential, stem cell hair transplant has become the preferred choice of individuals who have advanced hair loss or who want to treat their hair loss and regain their confidence. The technique offers the following benefits to you:

  • No Stitches, Quick Recovery — Stem cell hair transplant does not require stitches, producing no scars and allowing you a quick recovery.
  • Quick Results — Implantation of stem cells into hair follicles is known to stimulate hair growth and produce quick results without any conceivable side effects.
  • Restoration of Natural Hairline — Unlike surgical techniques, stem cell hair transplants rejuvenates your natural hairline, restoring your attractive, youthful look.

Is There Any Scientific Evidence Regarding the Effectiveness of Stem Cell Hair Transplant?

While stem cell hair transplant is a recent hair transplant technology that’s available to very few clinics in UK, extensive scientific research has been done by various institutes and researchers to explore its hair rejuvenation potential.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have found that stem cells can regenerate the missing or dying hair follicles and reverse hair loss. Another study published in Nature Communications reports that stem cells can be converted into epithelial cells and used for the treatment of hair loss, wound healing, and other degenerative dermatological disorders.

Who is a Candidate?

Because of its excellent hair regeneration potential, stem cell hair transplantation can be used for the following individuals:

  • Individuals with advanced hair loss involving different areas of the body, including eyebrows and beard.
  • Individuals who do not want to undergo a surgical hair transplant
  • Individuals who have not responded to the medical treatment of hair loss

Performing hair restorations since 2012, IK Clinics have always led the hair transplant industry when it comes to use of advanced tools and technologies to help patients recover their thick, luscious hair. To learn more about how IK Clinics can help you regain your attractive self with a stem cell hair transplant, please call at +44 (0) 116 2700623.

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