Not Just Hair

Aging transforms our physical appearance in numerous ways. From a receding hairline due to hormonal changes to fine lines originating from the side of nose extending to the corners of our lips due to years of frowning, laughing, this natural inevitable phenomenon fades away our youthful looks, compelling us to look for different ways to make the aging signs less obvious.

At IK Clinics, we offer you a comprehensive range of services that will transform the way you look, feel, and act, and restore your youthful glow and beauty. Whether you’re considering a hair transplant to get rid of the dreaded comb-over or you’re looking for a way to tighten the wrinkled, sagging facial skin and look younger, we have the right solution that will restore your contoured facial structure, your thick hair, and your confidence.

If you’re worried about the weariness of your facial skin or feel disconcerted about your thin, asymmetrical eyebrows, you can review our complete range of services and book an appointment with one of our expert professionals to know which method will help you best in creating the look you desire.

Here is a list of our services to help you get started:

  • Hair Transplant — FUE, FUT, PRP, and Stem Cell Hair Transplant for stimulating natural hair growth.
  • Eyebrow Transplant and Restoration — Improved overall appearance with lush, angular eyebrows that complement the facial symmetry.
  • Facial Revolution Techniques — Botox, thread lifts, and dermal fillers for a fuller, rejuvenated look.

Transform the oxymoron of ‘youthful aging’ into reality with IK Clinic’s hair transplant and facial revolution techniques. To learn more, call us at +44 (0) 788 663 4838 and book an appointment today.

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