How Hair Transplants Can Overcome Male Pattern Baldness

30 January, 2017

Male pattern baldness, also known as androgenic alopecia, is a hair disease that affects thousands of men around the world. The condition, which affects 4 out of every 5 men under the age of 70, causes hair follicles to shrink or thin out that eventually dies out to leave bald around the crown of the head. Men who have complete male pattern baldness will usually be bald from all sides except below the crown and the temples.

Male pattern baldness, is causing more and more men to lose their confidence and self-esteem, affecting their ability to engage in a friendly conversation or embrace their true personalities. If you suffer from this condition, it is likely that you wear a cap or some form of head cover to hide your baldness. However, with our experience and expertise, we can help you restore your confidence using our FUT and FUE hair transplantation procedures.

Let us look at how male pattern baldness occurs and how hair transplant methods can overcome it.

What Causes Male Pattern Baldness?

There are a wide number of reasons why men suffer from male pattern baldness. The most common cause is genetics. If there is a history of baldness in either you mother’s or father’s side of the family, then they are chances that you can become affected with male pattern baldness. Research shows that the condition is attributed to androgens, male sex hormones that determine the strength and thickness of hair growth.

Each individual hair has its very own growth cycle. When a person becomes at risk of male pattern baldness, the growth cycles of hairs begins to decline, causing the hair to shrink and thin out, resulting in shorter strands of hair. The hairs keep getting thinner and thinner until it died out and no hair is visible.

In most male pattern baldness cases, men will not show any signs of negative medical effects. However, the condition can also be caused by factors, such as specific types of cancers, use of anabolic steroids, and thyroid problems. In such instances, it is strongly advised that you consult your medical physician to ensure you health conditions do not worsen and so that you are diagnosed properly.

Why Hair Transplant Procedures Are A Good Solution To Male Pattern Baldness?


Unlike hair loss treatment drugs, such as minoxidil and rogaine, FUT and FUE hair transplant procedures are effective for guaranteeing good results. Although the results will vary mainly due to the strength and thickness of hair from each person’s donor area, FUE and FUT hair transplant procedures extract hair follicles from other body areas and reinsert it on bald patches to provide a fuller head.

Furthermore, FUT and FUE hair transplant procedures are particularly useful for those who have not had any success with other hair loss medications. Through these procedures, you no longer have to hide your head under a cap or hat and feel your confidence restored.


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